Beyond Coincidence (part 1 and 2):
Resource material about Electric Magnetic Fields
A Video about the health effects of EMF:
"Beyond Coincidence"

The ITC tells people there are no ill health effects, but that is a lie....

This is a 2 part video documentary which provides a powerful look at the effect electrical pollution has had on the lives and health of citizens of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Their stories will touch your heart. You will meet the Reviers and see the personal consequences of electrical pollution that they live with day in and day out. You will meet the Toppers. Their children had seizures the medical establishment could not explain until an electrician discovered that they were living in a house with a distinctive type of electrical pollution. You will hear the stories of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferers who feel better in areas with less electrical pollution. These are stories of people who were searching for the reasons for their illnesses and found them: Electrical Pollution.

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Beyond Coincidence is also available through the Wisconsin Library System from the South Central Library System which serves Adams, Columbia, Dane, Green, Portage, Sauk and Wood Counties and the Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System which serves Dodge, Jefferson, and Washington Counties.
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