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What can you do to help protect yourself?
If you are one of the unlucky landowners who now is seeing high voltage power lines go up near your
home what are your options?

If you sell your home, you will get less than the market value. It is estimated that the value of property decreases by 40% or more because of close proximity to a high voltage power line. Also, the person you sell to will have the same problems you will have.

This website is full of links to informative sites on health issues and other problems linked to EMF or electrical magnetic frequency. Knowledge is good because if you start having sleepless nights after the lines are up, or fibromyalgia, cancer, or other ailments, you might realize where it is coming from.

Therefore, it is advisable to document your good health now. Go to a physician and get a physical and keep the records so that if you have future health issues, you will have something to compare it to that will stand up in court.

If people along the line suffer similar ailments in the future, a class action case might evolve. Or did ITC have a no liability clause for any ill health effects in a signed contract? If you didn't sign anything like that, you can probably sue.

The state courts are full of lawsuits, and some of them are class action, about injury from EMF. For example, there is one stretch of road where a power company ran high voltage lines over the top of a series of homes and EVERYONE in that string of homes came down with cancer--leukemia was one of the types. These cancers were not linked to anything else in the environment. So keep in contact with your neighbors in the years ahead.

Does it help to plant a lot of spruce trees as a barrier? Can your house be moved without it cracking apart? What can be done to protect you if you live close to the line?

Do your best to safeguard your health by quitting smoking if you have that problem. Smoking can increase the toxicity of EMF and chemical exposures to the body. Do all you can to maintain good health. If you do get problems from the high voltage power lines, and you pursue a court case for relief, they will probably say that your health problems are from some other a pre-existing condition or from smoking, heredity, or whatever they can think of rather than take responsibility for putting a high voltage power line on top of you.

If you have animals near the line, if it is possible for you to move the barn and pasture to a more distant location to help protect them, that would be a wise thing to do also. The videos on this website show the harmful effects on human and animal health.

God help us.