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Residents of Branch and St. Joseph Counties, Michigan may soon be in the middle of a web of high-voltage power lines. 
ITC ( has plans to build more high-voltage power lines to link the Batavia and Simpson electrical stations. The stations are presently linked to the Union City stations and others. Both stations currently have high-voltage lines running out of them. 

The ITC has been having meetings with a select committee picked to represent the residents. The ITC set up the committee after receiving calls against the project. Many landowners and residents did not receive any notification and may still be in the dark on this as they are not being told when the meetings are or the ITC plans. The ITC has also contacted real estate agents to offer landowners money for selling off their right of way, 

At the meeting April 15th, one resident asked why was the project necessary because she had lived in the area for over 40 years and there was less need for energy than before because people were losing their land and because businesses were closing down due to the distressed economic conditions in Michigan and the US. ITC rep, Morgenstern, said the project will not serve the local community, but will run through the community and link up a larger grid. Others asked about health effects and effects on livestock. Morgenstern and the other ITC people did not seem to know anything about any health reports or problems with EMF, electric magnetic fields. One resident noted a report on a link to childhood leukemia and other cancers from EMF. 

The ITC created maps with proposed routes. One ITC rep said they had flown over the routes and no one lived there; there were only a few pole barns, not much else, he said. A committee member noted that they had flown over the village of Leonadis. He also noted that they should avoid large irrigation systems. The ITC intends on getting a list of the irrigation systems and wetlands. Residents objected to the routes because some passed through towns and villages, and others were along populated roads and through wetlands. 
The ITC actually tried to push a vote for a route as did some of the committee members but opposition from others attending the meeting stopped the vote. There were concerns that the people along the routes were not notified and were not present at the meeting or represented.

No more because of resistance to the project???
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About Electrical Pollution

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Report links power lines to cancer

An Australian study says living next to high-voltage power lines increases the risk of cancer. 
Researchers from the University of Tasmania and Britain's Bristol University looked at a database of 850 patients in Tasmania diagnosed with lymphatic and bone marrow cancers between 1972 and 1980, and found that living for a prolonged period near high-voltage power lines may increase the risk of leukemia, lymphoma and related conditions later in life. 
Those who lived within 328 yards of a power line up to age 5 were five times more likely to develop cancer, while those who lived that close to a power line at any point during their first 15 years were three times more likely to develop cancer as an adult, the newspaper said. 
The study was published in the Internal Medicine Journal. 

A Video about the health effects of EMF:
"Beyond Coincidence"    
A Video about the health effects of EMF:
"Beyond Coincidence" 

This is a 20 minute video documentary which provides a powerful look at the effect electrical pollution has had on the lives and health of citizens of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Their stories will touch your heart. You will meet the Reviers and see the personal consequences of electrical pollution that they live with day in and day out. You will meet the Toppers. Their children had seizures the medical establishment could not explain until an electrician discovered that they were living in a house with a distinctive type of electrical pollution. You will hear the stories of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferers who feel better in areas with less electrical pollution. These are stories of people who were searching for the reasons for their illnesses and found them: Electrical Pollution.

To order your copy contact Dana at 
Download a copy of the video now. (free)

If you'd like to watch the video right now, please go to the Video page on this website.

Beyond Coincidence is also available through the Wisconsin Library System from the South Central Library System which serves Adams, Columbia, Dane, Green, Portage, Sauk and Wood Counties and the Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System which serves Dodge, Jefferson, and Washington Counties. 

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When speaking with Mr. Morgenstern, Communications specialist with the ITC, one of the issues is health effects. Having studied the issue, and watched the video "Beyond Coincidence" the webmaster can only conclude that it is true that EMF causes health problems....the physical evidence is overwhelming.
However, Mr. Morgenstern points to reports by the WHO, the World Health Organization, that high-voltage towers may not cause cancer etc....
Having had prior experience with the WHO, which could be at times named the World ANTI-Health Organization, saying the WHO does not believe that EMF causes cancer is like saying pesticides do not cause cancer, which is another lie. The WHO is a corporate-connected paradox. In reality, the WHO did NOT say that EMFs do not cause cancer, rather they concluded that there was evidence that EMFs cause cancer, but that they want more "evidence" for a final conclusion. Reports saying there is no evidence that high-voltage power lines cause cancer are highly contested and are listed on the Quack Science website which lists supposedly scientific studies which are not scientific but are lies paid for by the connecting payer corporation or entity. 
The grid masters are not to be trusted. Neither is the WHO or any other entity which discounts all the human suffering connected with this issue or is reluctant to form a conclusion despite overwhelming evidence and accounts of human (and animal) suffering..


The higher the voltage the greater the risk.
The closer one is to the voltage, the greater the risk.
The longer the exposure, the greater the risk.
The younger the person, the greater the risk.
EMFs effect the unborn just as radiation does and should be avoided by pregnant women.
EMFs cause birth defects and cancer.
EMFs have caused childhood, and adult leukemia, at increased rates.
Living downwind from a high-voltage electrical line will increase the risk of lung cancer and other ailments.
There are laws to protect the public; however the laws differ by location and strength. More protective laws are needed everywhere.

The grid masters have nothing to lose by lying.
The public has everything to lose by accepting lies.


Do Not Sell Off Your Right-of Way
Sign the Petition 
Tell your neighbors
Find out when the next meeting is
Attend all meetings
Make your concerns known!
Don't ever give and your children and children's children deserve a right to live, a right to life and a right to environmental integrity to allow you to live in peace and harmony with the creation, and in good health, not in a state of being continually assaulted by electromagnetism or any other environmental hazard.


Try to get the Company to BURY the power lines.

When it comes down to it, their profits are more 
important to them than your health.


When the lines are buried, it is harder to see where a tree has fallen on them when the power goes out. It is faster to repair lines above-ground than below.

When countered with, the lines will not go down if a tree falls when the line is buried; again, it is more expensive to bury the lines......

Money is more important to them than your health and the beauty of the earth.
What is more important to you??

The ITC is a $300,000,000.00 corporation. They did not get that rich by being nice or caring about people......

"They're going to put it through anyway. We can try to fight them but we won't win."......another excuse from a Twp. official why he hasn't notified residents about the meetings and ITC plans....

Come on, people.....Let's at least TRY!

"A pooled analysis of major epidemiological studies conducted after 1993 in Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the US, and the UK concluded that recent studies still indicate a statistically significant increased risk of childhood leukemia associated with residential EMF exposure"
~findings of the National Cancer Institute~
from: Epidemiological Studies of Residential EMF Exposures
by Robert B. Goldberg, Ph.D

Batavia-Simpson route maps  1 2
UPDATE: "The Power Struggle"
In the News: Battle Creek Enquirer article-->
Contact info for the MPSC and FERC are on the FYI page 
Spring 2012: The line is almost up. The poles were tilting in some areas where the ground holds water. Bulldozers were brought in to buffer up the poles.
Neighbors sold out their neighbors for $. The ugly gigantic poles mar the landscape. Muddy tracks and industrial machines litter the ground where once graceful trees stood. Lines run close to some homes, and over barns.

How can you forgive yourself when your neighbor begins to experience ill health from a high voltage power line? 
Will you regret selling out your rights when you want to move and no one wants to buy your home? 
Will you regret it when you can't get a fair market value for your home?
Will you relish the sunset when you see the silhouette of giant electrical towers? 

The courts are full of class action lawsuits against high voltage power lines. When they are strung over households and everyone gets luekemia, fibromyalgia, and other chronic illnesses, 2 plus 2 equals you have been hurt. Your neighbors have been hurt.
When it comes to this point, people sometimes band together to seek justice. At this point, people need help with medical conditions. It is especially hard on children.

Perhaps it would be wise to get a medical checkup to provide your health care provider with a baseline to use. Illness from EMF does not always happen overnight. Cancers may take up to ten years to develop. 

Yes, times are hard, and some people do need the money. But is it worth it?
updated: February 12, 2018
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Sherwood Twp. 1-11-2011 signs off to Consumer's Energy for new substation with pit for oil/water substation...pollution ahead??
Did you sell out yet?yes

2017: DTE, a nuclear corporation has partnered with the ITC to expand operations and develop wind farms with a contract leaving openings for other options. DO NOT SIGN THE CONTRACT. It will rob you of your rights. For more info, visit